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Citizen Capacitor 295-51

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Factory Sealed Genuine Citizen Capacitor 295-51

Please note that the MT621 is the size number; These capacitors resemble a battery but their function is very different. The capacitors on the kinetic oscillator watches recharges by body movement while the capacitors on the solar cell watches are powered by all sources of light.

Capacitors are storage devices and do not always come already charged. The customer needs to charge the watch after inserting the capacitor. They should not be tested , a battery tester will not give an accurate reading. Most of the time, the capacitor itself is not defective. Sometimes the connections may not be attached perfectly and may be the problem.

Please do not use a battery tester or volt ohm meter as these very low volt cells can be ruined by testing. Please do not handle with your fingers as static electricity, body oil and contaminants can ruin the cell. Please only handle with plastic tweezers or wear non-powered gloves.

Citizen 10 E000-K18469
Citizen 29551
Citizen 2N1126
Citizen 370108
Citizen 5700
Citizen 580234
Citizen 903167
Citizen A100 K17535
Citizen B110
Citizen B110M
Citizen B117M
Citizen BM601055A
Citizen BM666459E
Citizen BM684457L
Citizen BM808250
Citizen BM808250L
Citizen BM8082-50L
Citizen BM828050L
Citizen BN000004H
Citizen BW0072-07P
Citizen CO22088034
Citizen CO22088034 Y
Citizen CO22088034Y
Citizen E000-K18469
Citizen E000M
Citizen E001-K17578
Citizen E001M
Citizen E010K000424
Citizen E010-K002982
Citizen E010-K002982 CK
Citizen E010-K004620
Citizen E010-K004620KA
Citizen E010-K15711
Citizen E010-K15893CK
Citizen E010-K16393
Citizen E010M
Citizen E010-S001650
Citizen E010S003989
Citizen E011
Citizen E011M
Citizen E030
Citizen E030-H31713
Citizen E030-H31721
Citizen E030-H31748
Citizen E030-K14714 CK
Citizen E030M
Citizen E031
Citizen E031M
Citizen E031-S034744
Citizen E068
Citizen E068M
Citizen E100
Citizen E100-K15699
Citizen E100-K17535
Citizen E100-K17535 CKW GN-4W-S W.R.
Citizen E100-K17543
Citizen E100K18434CK
Citizen E100M
Citizen E101-K005841
Citizen E101-K17535
Citizen E101-K17551
Citizen E101-K18434
Citizen E101M
Citizen E106M
Citizen E110
Citizen E110 B07351MMC
Citizen E110 K15699
Citizen E110 S000963
Citizen E110-K002141
Citizen E110-K15699
Citizen E110K16385
Citizen E110-K16385
Citizen E110K16768
Citizen E110-K16768
Citizen E110-K17799C
Citizen E110M
Citizen E110-S001421
Citizen E110-S00751
Citizen E110-S008751
Citizen E111
Citizen E111-BM601055A
Citizen E111-K006368 HST
Citizen E111M
Citizen E111-S022240
Citizen E168
Citizen E168M
Citizen E410G
Citizen ECO3O
Citizen EO30-S77040-HSB-GN-46
Citizen EW 3050
Citizen EW0044-51L
Citizen EW153457D
Citizen EW3050
Citizen G430
Citizen G430M
Citizen G431
Citizen G431 T001793
Citizen G431M
Citizen G530G
Citizen GN4W5-9
Citizen H500
Citizen H500M
Citizen H501
Citizen H501M
Citizen H570
Citizen H570
Citizen H570M
Citizen H571M
Citizen J810M
Citizen K15699
Citizen R15119
Citizen T001793
Citizen T001807
Citizen V861-6080
Citizen V861-8080
Citizen WR100
Citizen WR200
Miyota Bulova BP10


SIZE : MT621

VOLTAGE : 1.5v

TYPE : Lithium-ion

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