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Citizen Capacitor 295-56

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Factory Sealed Genuine Citizen Capacitor 295-56

Please note that the MT920 is the size number; These capacitors resemble a battery but their function is very different. The capacitors on the kinetic oscillator watches recharges by body movement while the capacitors on the solar cell watches are powered by all sources of light.

Capacitors are storage devices and do not always come already charged. The customer needs to charge the watch after inserting the capacitor. They should not be tested , a battery tester will not give an accurate reading. Most of the time, the capacitor itself is not defective. Sometimes the connections may not be attached perfectly and may be the problem.

Please do not use a battery tester or volt ohm meter as these very low volt cells can be ruined by testing. Please do not handle with your fingers as static electricity, body oil and contaminants can ruin the cell. Please only handle with plastic tweezers or wear non-powered gloves.

Bulova 96B34
Bulova 96B34
Bulova 96B34
Citizen 100886
Citizen 295 5600
Citizen 295-28
Citizen 51L
Citizen 7821A
Citizen 7828
Citizen 7828A
Citizen 7871A
Citizen 7871H19331
Citizen 7873A
Citizen 7876A
Citizen 7878A
Citizen 7879A
Citizen 7J71A
Citizen 7W21A
Citizen 7W71
Citizen 8700
Citizen 98G54
Citizen A710G
Citizen A715
Citizen A715G
Citizen A730G
Citizen A735G
Citizen A780G
Citizen A784G
Citizen A786G
Citizen B510Z
Citizen B515Z
Citizen B560M
Citizen B612
Citizen B740-H30440
Citizen B740M
Citizen B741
Citizen B741-H15471
Citizen B741-H16463
Citizen B741M
Citizen B745M
Citizen B800M
Citizen B810M
Citizen B870M
Citizen B872M
Citizen B873M
Citizen B873S026547
Citizen B874M
Citizen B876M
Citizen B877M
Citizen B910M
Citizen BJ7000
Citizen BJ7000-52E
Citizen BJ7010
Citizen BJ7010-16F
Citizen BJ7010-16F
Citizen BL1E76
Citizen BL514256P
Citizen BL5180-57L
Citizen BLOO24-50L
Citizen BR10
Citizen C506 E80419
Citizen C650
Citizen C650-002616
Citizen C650-Q02098
Citizen C650-T000959
Citizen C651
Citizen C651-T000959
Citizen C651-T000967
Citizen C652
Citizen C660
Citizen C660-T000291
Citizen C852-5036313
Citizen E510G
Citizen E511G
Citizen E710
Citizen E710M
Citizen E711M
Citizen E712M
Citizen E712M
Citizen E715M
Citizen E716M
Citizen E717M
Citizen E760
Citizen E760-D01077
Citizen E760H
Citizen E760-H27767
Citizen E760-H27767
Citizen E760H30211
Citizen E760M
Citizen E760N
Citizen E761
Citizen E761M
Citizen E761N
Citizen E761N
Citizen E765M
Citizen E765M
Citizen E766
Citizen E766M
Citizen E767M
Citizen E768M
Citizen E768M
Citizen E810
Citizen E810-H27074
Citizen E810-H27074 TA
Citizen E810M
Citizen E811
Citizen E811-5005531
Citizen E811M
Citizen E812
Citizen E812M
Citizen E816M
Citizen E817M
Citizen E820
Citizen E820M
Citizen E860
Citizen E860M
Citizen E865M
Citizen E870
Citizen E870-5015278
Citizen E870-5043239
Citizen E870M
Citizen E870-S015278
Citizen E870-S015278
Citizen E870-S015286
Citizen H10252
Citizen H410M
Citizen H411M
Citizen H412M
Citizen H413M
Citizen H414M
Citizen H415M
Citizen H416M
Citizen H417M
Citizen H418M
Citizen H419M
Citizen H430M
Citizen H434M
Citizen H435M
Citizen H437M
Citizen H438M
Citizen H460
Citizen H460M
Citizen H461M
Citizen H465
Citizen H465M
Citizen H466
Citizen H466M
Citizen H485M
Citizen H486M
Citizen H490M
Citizen H492M
Citizen H495M
Citizen H496M
Citizen H497M
Citizen HST GN-4-S
Citizen J304
Citizen J304M
Citizen JR3080
Citizen JR3080 51L
Citizen JR3XXX
Citizen N-C652
Citizen PMT56-2732
Citizen PMU56-2371
Citizen S005531
Citizen Eco-Drive C650-Q02497
Citizen Eco-Drive C650-T000959
Citizen Eco-Drive Blue Angels C650-T000959
Citizen EcoDrive Skyhawk Blue Angels C651-T000959
Citizen EcoDrive Skyhawk Blue Angels H10252Y
Elgin WR 200
Elgin WR200
Miyota 7W21
Miyota BR10
Panasonic MT820








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