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Maxell 363 SR621W

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Generally used for watches, the Maxell 363 Coin Cell Battery is an impressive power source for its miniature size, holding 23 mAh of charge and delivering 1.55 Volts of current. The battery’s Silver Oxide chemistry gives it a remarkably high energy density as well as a slow and stable discharge rate, giving it increased longevity perfect for small electronics. The 363 comes standard with Maxell’s original leak-resistant processing that prevents the electrolytes of the battery from leaking. In addition to watches, the 363 can be used to power a number of small electronics including calculators, computer motherboards, garage door openers and much more.
Features and Specifications

Silver Oxide chemistry gives the battery a high-energy density
Comes with Maxell’s leak-resistant processing to inhibit any chances of the battery’s alkaline electrolytes leaking
Nominal Voltage: 1.55 Volts
Nominal Capacity: 23 mAh
Nominal Discharge Current: 30 µA
Dimensions: 0.27″ (Diameter) x 0.08″ (Height)
Weight: 0.011 oz. (0.3 g)

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