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Ransom & Randolph® Plasticast® Investment 40 lbs

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Ideal for investing plastics and the resin models created in rapid prototype processes, this Plasticast® investment from Ransom & Randolph® withstands the pressure involved in the burnout of these materials. Plastics and resin expand greatly as they melt in the burnout process; this expansion puts tremendous pressure on the surrounding investment. The strength of this investment ensures that your patterns remain true through the burnout process.
Use this investment as you would any traditional gold and silver investments.


  • Brand : Ransom & Randolph
  • Size : 40 lbs. (18.2kg)
  • Country of origin : United States

Please Note:• This product contains a blend of crystalline silica. Prolonged inhalation of this product may be harmful. IARC reports that there is sufficient evidence in humans for the carcinogenicity of inhaled crystalline silica in forms of quartz or cristabolite from occupational sources. Symptoms may not appear until permanent lung damage has occurred. Persons who use this product should have periodic physical examinations for silica exposure. Work areas should be periodically tested to determine the amount of airborne crystalline silica compared to OSHA and MSHA accepted standards. ALWAYS wear NIOSH-approved breathing protection for crystalline silica dust when working with product or when possible exposure to product dust exists. Users must comply with all applicable health and safety regulations relating to the safe handling of crystalline silica. See MSDS for information.

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